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Ten years ago an inexplicable anomaly was detected near Pride’s Belt, somewhere past Zone D.

It is as if a gaping hole is missing from space, from everything. Nothing is there. No scanner or radar tech to-date has found out any information on it. Probes have been sent but are always lost, simple gone, before they even reach whatever it is. Out there, past Zone D, is a section of space that does not exist.

The people of Pride’s Belt have taken to calling it The Void.

Around the time The Void was first noted people started acting weird. .All over the belt people were losing their minds. Normal, average, unsuspecting people just snapped. The first was a bank teller. She hadn’t show up for work over the week prior, no one could reach her, she wasn’t at home, she was declared a missing person.

Then she shows up. Halfway across the planet, she jumps in front of a transit shuttle. Her body was covered in cuts. All of them in weird shapes with a uniform style.

It was called the work of a freak, some sort of torturer, she must have been abducted. It happened a few more times – different planets, coinciding time frames, impossible to be one person’s doing. Then one guy was found carving the symbols into himself, then another was found doing the same, and more after him. Most of them finish the symbols and then commit suicide.

Some seek out other people to carve the symbols into.

We live in weird and scary times.

Home Page

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